Heping Packing was founded in 1993, spec ialized in manufacturing thermal forming package. As the developing, our company experienced from the name of Shijiazhuang HP Plastic Packing Plant, HP Plastic Production factory and now the current name namely Shijiazhuang HP Packing Products Co., Ltd. Our character became the common taxpayer enterprise officially in 2007. We already have the independent import and export power. 


                            The main product included the diamond tool plastic packing, the saw blade (microsection) models covers, models box and many products. The model is quickly making according the customer required. Our raw material included PET, PVC, PS and PP materials have passed SGS material test, we can make our products into various kinds of patterns with different effects, such as transparent, semi-transparent, frosted, flocked, electricity conductive and static-free. We offer OEM service. Our product and service win the customer praise by the quality, Competitive price and considerate service. 

                  Company Name:  Shijiazhuang Heping Packing Products Co., Ltd 

                  Linkman:  Charles 

                  Telephone:  +86 311 85655764 

                  Fax:  +86 311 85666119 

                  Email:  hppacking@gmail.com 

                  Region:  Hebei Shijiazhuang 

                  Address:  Room 402, Jiatai Business Building, No. 8, Meiji Street, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China 

                  Post Code:  050031 

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